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I'm participating in life again- I'm taking walks on the beach, I'm building sand castles, I'm living life in a more active and genuine way instead of being self-conscious and watching from the sidelines. Getting healthy and fit is the pathway to fully living again and being more present with my family! Gretchen Marie 

I realized that I hindered myself from growing in so many areas of my life by being in the mode of “analysis paralysis”. I was so in fear of making mistakes that I spend all my time “preparing” and never “executing”. I am a completely different person. Yulanda Wu  

I am happier, healthier, stronger and fitter! Decide. Commit. Succeed! Mary Amanda  

Natalie Jill helped me to get my mind right and kept pushing myself. I have had a lot of stress with family illness and aging parents but I still made time to take care of myself because if i can't help myself I can't help anyone. Zonia Kelley